Wednesday, June 30, 2010

cut to fade

without days
like this, the
ones that pass in
golden frames and
sunshine in eyes, how
could anyone ever
write a decent poem?
the rest of the ugly
ones fade a little,
the hours that
have been burned into
us, like a
brand on a cow.
but today, oh, today;
gives me hope
that there are others
like it, somewhere.
the leaves are greener,
the breeze cooler,
and my smile, brighter.
and the money,
the boys,
the everything that fences me in...
it fades, and
stops making such
incoherent babble.
today, i
make sense.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

picnic talk

walk in my shoes
for long enough
and you'll burn
out, this
massive black hole
of self-depricative
walk one by one
by onebyonebyonebyone
and bite your toes,
little by little,
bit by bit,
so when everything's over
you get to see
and scratch
and feel and know
just how your skin
gets infected.
i could yell
i could scream
but it makes you
move not one inch,
as it's NOT MY LIFE
no one cares.
not you.
not the ants,
not a single soul.
let's go marching
one by one,
the first will be
the same as
the last.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

selfish girl

Watch the walls,
These cells
Are bonded and stronger
Than I thought, what
Tiny viscous armour
They do wear.
Fight the feeling,
Build defenses, so
The loss
won't be so bad.
Smile loud and
Long, be
Just that strong...
Crack a joke,
Crinkle your nose,
Laugh out loud
When you're not
Cause one day your
Bones won't feel
As heavy, your skull,
Not as crushed in,
Your stomach not
As nauseous, and
Your skin won't
Burn like wildfire.
Push through.
Push through.
This is all
For you.