Tuesday, March 20, 2012

vagina to spite me

so maybe it's come to this. fuck all my friends, fill up that hole, make girls cry on the side of the streets until they have no more dignity to live. wrap it up, throw it out, rinse, repeat. oh well, i guess that's how these games go, right?

what really sucks is that i felt like shit for the way i treated you, i really did. i realized i put out popcorn strings when i was lonely and i needed someone to make me laugh. but i can't be sorry, cause i found out that you were doing the exact. same. thing.

lies beget lies begets sadness begets sadness.

hope you recognize the failure of your words vs. your actions.


Friday, March 16, 2012

cab to the bridge

little boxes
in all their white glory, under
stars and shine,
those lights look so big
from the williamsburg bridge
the glory of these
little fireflies
oh, the tired of
their eyes, they
give me the minutes that
the hours that
make the days
that make my life.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

wish you were here

i'm such a jackass.

i'm sitting here, listening to my roommate blowdrying her hair and singing along to her stupid country music, looking up quotes to describe the hole in my heart.

ironic. some girls wait their entire lives to get engaged and be with the one they love forever (or until the divorce settles, in many cases). i have been perfectly fine without being engaged, until i met someone who blew every other person i have ever been around out of the fucking water. now i am engaged, but i now have to wait just to see him, like three days out of the month. and so it is... leave it to me to find someone perfect but never have them close enough to savor the taste.

i write alot about the stupidity of love and the quest for this seemingly untouchable person. well. i found him...

i just can't be next to him. and it's killing me and my stupid heart.