Monday, May 6, 2013

take off

walking, tall
beyond the shadow of the doubt
i uselessly instilled inside myself
so long, long ago...
but here i am, still
living, still
breathing and standing, still
and even in the wake of
moving mountains and
waving goodbye to ghosts.
i remind myself daily
"keep going, keep
beating" and
it works but it all
hurts just the same, my
heart low and heavy in
it's cage.
not sad, just low, just
tired... but
this struggle is worth
the pain, it won't
find it's vanity in gilded
promises riding into sunsets -
it is my own,
it is what i own and
even though it cuts to the quick,
my nails always seem
to grow back.
forget the promises.
forget the useless doubt.
keep that beat low,
girl, and
maybe you'll find
the ground was never that
scary to begin with.