Friday, January 4, 2008

just a thought

better left for dead,
you see,
with a chance an
will save it, now
plays itsef
quiet under night
to let suspicion
pass us by sweet,
atop both sets
of eyes...
i don't know any more
excuses, quite
the ardent philosipher
for a couple years now,
and from what
i can see i
may drown in
heavy hypothesis.
educated guess,
i guess. this
is hard to grasp,
this truth-be-told and
words age old,
float in my mouth
but sink, with my heart
to a new low
each time
i cannot smell
your skin
on mine.
for the best?
i say no but
fear yes
and dream about
unbroken skies ahead.
a degree does nothing
for sanity.


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