Saturday, August 9, 2008

dusted off (literally)

i write empty
i write angry
i scream devistation
i look pretty
i talk pure
i fool

k., original post: 21 jan 07

it doesn't matter
how much you drink
you will still
be you

k., original post: 21 jan 07

i wanna
kick stones today,
maybe into a garage
or a tin pail
so they make noise
and pound
against thin walls
not skipping a beat
granite against solid
against silence
i wanna kick rocks
boot them
so that they feel
kicked in
like me...
one after another
after another
after another
like coins
in a bucket of coins.

k., original post: 1 feb 07

silence sucks
but absence is worse -
silence without presence
is the best

k., original post: 7 feb 07

"we are all liars in our own right. but perhaps the best liars of all are artists, for they create worlds that seem real to everyone, even those that don't believe in them." -nietzsche

just found these cleaning. i stow writing as if it were paper dollars during the depression. enjoy.


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