Monday, December 1, 2008

getting away

and again, i say
goodbye, goodbye,
more or less
whispered under my breath,
it's hard enough
trying to find safety
through disarming pretenses...
different, now,
the past six days,
languid with family
and lucid
with beating hearts;
i grew into a
definition here,
textbook and blonde
and safe,
revisiting is never
kind to my reeling
but this time, no,
this time
my past came to me
with open arms and
i, in my 'big city' visions
and high expectations
was quieted by
the best part of my youth,
one of the only parts
that made me feel.


thank you. i have never said that about coming home before, ever. this coincidence is too coincidental to be coincidence.

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  1. The best dessert is leaving a holiday with the family without getting upset.

    Big ups for the 180 Thanksgiving.


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