Saturday, February 7, 2009

quotes and and ha ha ha

"you have noahs ark on a clock."
k. - 14 may 2008

"the corner has saved my life."
ryan, 28 may, 2008

"92 people just saw my vagina."
miss j, 28 may 2008

"i wanna have a tennessee adventure."
k, 30 july 2008

"i am a pawn, with a rook at the top of my ear."
k, 11 july 2008

"rhonda destroyed van assche."
k, 8 august 2008

"destructive, destructive, destructive."
k, 8 august 2008

"a receipt is like a wii for cats..."
lance, 14 august 2008

"if there was a word for me, it would be, temporary."
k, 23 august 2008

"she's a MALEsbian."
will, 25 august 2008

"it smells like my bacos."
rachel. 20 september 2008

"you look like a muppet, from the ankles down."
k, 24 october 2008

"he's wearing a tourtiseshell fro a hoodie."
k, 4 november 2008

"my vagina is reminiscent of starship troopers."
k, 12 november 2008

"it's feminine shrapnel."
miss j, 17 november 2008

"i think i just got sassed by a fucking fortune cookie!"
will, 6 december 2008

"i've never been good at days."
will 18 december 2008

"wow. it's not even 10 o'clock in the morning and i've already said the word semen."
will 29 december 2008

"your onimonipea is outrageous."
k, 2 jan 2009

"it's nice. it kind of turns the hoo-ha into a folk hero."
j, 25 january 2009

"what is the kind of person that brings a beer coozy into a mall TGIFridays?"
k, 30 january 2009

"shit'll buff out."
adam, 31 january 2009

"let's oscillate this."
jacqui, 5 february 2009

<3, k.


  1. It's 'bout time you posted some of these. Well played....

    More s'il vous plait?

  2. Uhhhhhhh, nothing? Okay, I see how it is.


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