Thursday, July 16, 2009

submersed in teele

the smell of clean, all
around me, fall
peeking it's head
out of the muggy
breeze, as late summer
settles into it's
big, white chair,
sipping mint juleps
and watching its
flowers bloom.
people are pretty,
in this laundromat
fishbowl, this
sanctioned delouser
station; the sun
is setting over
the tide, and
as i giggle about
the bad joke, the
calm all around me,
in the purring cars
and bustling
pedestrians dancing
across sidewalks, the
hum of the dryers
as my ornaments
shrink from the heat...
this dusk is my head,
at rest,
for once. distraction
does wonders
for decision making.

my clothes are almost clean. i had a chicken salad wrap for lunch, which means my money is evening out, and i will have a new resume as of midnight tonight. i'm not a pessimist, as someone so recently told me about the entries in this blog. i'm an optimist with a jostled view, that's all. i know things will even out, that everything will turn out all right. or at least, turn out the way they should. i don't think life has to be sunshine and disney birds all the time. in fact, if it is, i'm pretty certain that's a chemical reaction due to the prozac cocktail america likes to think helps us out.
things, at least for my one day off, have been good. i like the last couple of hours, and how, even though spent people watching and rewriting my career on hard copy in the coin-op laundry on the corner of broadway and curtis, it has been enough for me to appreciate these days. the days when i feel strong. when i know the sunset will give way to a sky full of unlimitable proportions.
there is beauty on both sides, the dismal, and the decadence. i told that guy that if happy was what he wanted to read always, he should hole up at night with his blankie, thumb, and a good judy blume book. even though my ending turns out just as happy, at least he can wear a smile all the way through "are you there god? it's me, margaret."
:) enjoy the rest of the day off. i know i will.


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