Tuesday, September 15, 2009

i cracked under the pressure of cable

so i did it. i watched the vma's last night, after a strong avoidance of anything mtv has produced over the last ten years or so. after real world versus road rules XXVII: the blazing inferno of death and syphilis, there's really not alot of places to go. music videos? why would we have music videos (besides the fact that it's IN YOUR FUCKING NAME YOU SKID MARKS OF POP CULTURE) when we could watch nine hot twenty-somethings get drunk, fuck, and fight? where THE FUCK do i sign?

but. i will say. i was first off so impressed with the performances. the quality of the dancing and the theatrics and the *gasp* notion that there are performers out there that actually can sing live... well, bravo mtv. you made a horrible choice of the host, russel brand, who was not only impossible to understand (arrie p'ttah? what the fuck is an arrie p'ttah? oh... oh you mean HARRY POTTER. STOP PLAYING INTO YOUR ACCENT, YOU RATTY, UNFUNNY DOUCHE. we get it, you're english. enough already.), his comedic timing was slow at best. and when i say slow, i mean mentally retarded.

oh, by the way... kanye west is the stupidest pop star i have ever heard. i think he's one of the most ignorant and least fashionable persons in this industry and i may kill him later this year. i know a guy. so don't worry taylor swift. at least you don't have to look in the mirror every morning to a fish dick like mr. west. and when we have that, we are walking away victorious every day.

but the performances. some of them were really special to me because my talented and beautiful friends were among the other dancers. sora, maya, stephani... you guys were so incredible and brought the house down with your sassiness. i wish when i grow up that i can be a hip-hop dancer who is as cool as you guys are. much love :).

and that being said, i am in love with lady gaga. she is the most eccentric artist i have ever seen. her beauty is radiant, and her passion is so addictive. in honor of one of the best performances i have ever seen, i have posted her video.

all hail thee, lady gaga of the times. you are a mint julep on a hot summer day, or scrambled eggs on christmas morning. well needed.


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  1. That's so crazy... After watching her VMA performance, I too love Lady Gaga. Watch her Dirty rich video... I REALLY love her! No one else agrees with me, but I know you'll appreciate it.


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