Sunday, July 18, 2010

two birds in the pot is better than one... or something like that

this certainly has been an interesting couple of days. i feel like things can be so backwards sometimes that drastic measures have to be taken for them to be set straight.

i don't like for my friends to be made fools of. not that anybody does, but i've come to realize that when faced with the dilemma to shut up or stick up for a friend in a situation where you may be looked upon as ridiculous, shut up is the route traveled.

i can't say i have stopped caring about what others think of me. i think we all do. i think that's human. but i've gotten to a point in my life where i have built concrete ideals of what it is i believe, and when it comes to those things in conflict, i will defend them without a care of what someone else thinks.

i can deal with someone thinking i'm an idiot for standing up for something or someone i love. especially when i see that others around them aren't doing it. especially when the one person who is supposed to have your back doesn't, because they want to look cool. it doesn't take but one person to offer a hand of protection.

that's issue number one. issue number two is that of liars.

to the you who is concerned: i know what you have been telling people about me, and i thought you were smarter and more respectful than that. one day, everything that you have said that was an extension of or blatant expulsion of the truth will come back and hit you in the head, and you will realize the lies you told to save face will only make you look worse on the boomerang back around.

and it's going to happen very soon. not by my hand... i've been out of your life for a while. but trust me. this is not going to be pretty when it all comes to a head. i am watching this be destroyed from the inside out, and soon the foundation is going to fall.

and i'm not sorry, because you deserve it, although i thought for such a long time that you were never capable of this type of fabrication.

ex-relationships are weird. on one hand, it makes sense to be friends, until that blows up in your face. but when you cut the ties clean at the end of everything, it ends up coming back to you in the form of acrid lies that have been chipping silently away at your character without you ever knowing.

either way, you're fucked.


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