Tuesday, June 14, 2011


this cabaret i'm designing with anya is...

lucid. biting. soft. bloody. masochistic. smashtastic. heartfelt. enigmatic. lustrous. alluring. a portrait of solitude in a crowded and limitless city.

it's the journey to new york and the story of pushing through. of accepting defeat and knowing it's beautiful, and how sometimes, it's the only way. it's about being alone outside of fleeting momentary embraces. about allowing the uncomfortable and knowing the sunset is just another lightbulb burning out.

actions, reactions, and mending the stitches we break. forgiving the dollar signs and relenting to the art that brought us here.

it is my story.
it is anya's story.
it is everyone's story and you all deserve to be a part of it.

opening night is thursday, 23rd of june. doors at 9, show at 10. 342 maujer st in brooklyn... you can walk from the grand street L train.

there is a 20-piece orchestra and a seven person cast. i am the choreographer and you all are dancers in the show, if you just show up. it will feed you, it will inspire you, and most of all, it will never leave you.

we are all new york.


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