Thursday, August 4, 2011

dumb and dumber

big gulps huh? welp. see ya later.

the more public we get the more mystery we lose. as my father so gracefully put it, facebook takes the hypocrisy out of human nature, and it's wringing out of us the meaningful interactions that we need for strong relationships.

yes, hypocrisy. it's like the pan of necessary personal-feeling gods. we need to have the ability to tell someone not to do something and do it ourselves. without that option, the glass will always be half full, and it will always have someone else's lipstick on it.

well, now, everything is public, and people can read, comment, and browse through personal pictures online. the iphone makes it so that you can do all of this on a shuttle bus going from grand to lorimer when the L train shuts down some weekends. just a quick fix and you're on your way to the gig...

well. i must say that it's difficult NOT to give in to the temptation that at least you're getting information from somewhere... oh, what's that? right. including here.

irony, hypocrisy, big gulps.


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