Sunday, September 11, 2011

the 11th sucks forever, thanks

to everyone affected by the attacks a decade ago (oh my shit, it has been that long, hasn't it), i can only say i'm so sorry for your loss. i was in college, in tallahassee, forever away from the devastation and destruction it caused this city i have grown to love so much.

i saw a movie a friend was in, about walking the city at night. the videography was stunning; the city was a character in the movie, millions of lit eyes staring out over the rivers and streets and it's inhabitants inside it's walls. it's lonely sighs as the night wore on, forever locked in the mystery of romance and intrigue of possibility for it's people.

this city is it's own person. it has provided the idea that things are possible since the dawn of it's first buildings and watched the years progress in it's rocking chair, watching over us like a cotton-soft grandmother drinking mint juleps and reminiscing of her past. i feel safe in this city, and i refuse to allow the disgusting decisions of a group of heartless religious sheep reshape that.

those people that tried to break new york and america by their cowardly actions of kidnapping innocent people on their way to family, business meetings, or vacation will forever get what is coming to them, in this life and after. one day, they will feel the towers coming down on them and the fear as their flesh burns and what it feels like to asphyxiate in poisonous gas. you will die a thousand awful deaths with those people's stolen lives over your heart, if indeed you have one, and if indeed other americans haven't found you yet.

retribution will happen.

but in the meantime, i lend out my heart to the people who have lived on in the wake, to the people who died trying to save the victims, and to the victiims themselves. i love all of you and i hope in some way, this may bring some comfort.


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