Thursday, November 1, 2012

carve it out

and in two months, the world was flipped and things are different, now.
things are different in a good and solid way, taking quite a few steps back to get to exactly the position i was in a little while ago but with more experience and a longer resume.
the world is so ironic. to go forward alot of times, we must move back and allow ourselves to be... pummeled.
and become a child again.
it works this way in ballet, as well, like cleaning the dust out of a clock so that the gears move swift and slippery against one another, so that it can tell time again. breaks for the bones and joints in ballet is much the same, although i can say a clocks muscles rarely weaken in the absence of movement.
but then again, a clocks muscles are made of metals that are solid and unfibrous.
it makes sense for it not to be weakened.
but the clock will continue it's time telling, as i will continue my dancing, and my growing, and shaping a future i never even knew existed but love more and more every day.
what an interesting life i lead.


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