Thursday, August 15, 2013

intro to fall

the cracks let the past
in, little slivers
of sunlight crowding the corners
and bathing them in light,
too much, too sharp now
and i want to run like
strippers when the blacklights
are shut off, scuttle back to the
darker parts
like cockroaches in an alleyway.
all this progression
can't possibly be good for
one's soul, can it?
and yet onward we all march,
pretending, laughing
and all the while
the sunlight shivers in...
enough to see the breakups
and beginnings and
babies that might have been yours -
but still light sinks in,
fishnets over skin
marking me all the way to
the next gig.
the cracks let the past
in, little slivers of
sin and good decisions
washing over the corners
of the attic of
my mind.


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