Tuesday, January 26, 2010

oh, so ruined, you

now you're sorry?
now you want
me back? watch
my back as i walk
away, today...
you can't have everything
both ways.
so now you're sorry
and playing the
fool, so
tired, this game
of poor ruined you...
this victim card
is dog-eared and
old, like
the words strewn
about, broken,
and bruised.
don't tell me you're
sorry, cause
i've known all along and
the wrath of
this apathy is losing
it's song...
go ruin the others
and leave me alone, that's
the best gift you could give
now that everything is

sorry is a stupid way to say i miss you. i don't like what you've done, the questions you've posed in your absence, and all the answers i've had to make up for myself. it ain't gonna be the same, baby. no matter how you try to swing it, cause the validity has drained from your weary words. i don't like who you have made me become, because the person i was when i was with you was amazing, and now, bitter and sour once more.
so much for being different than all the rest. turns out, you were the same all along, and that's just plain boring. anyone can break a heart. keeping it is a different story.
take your sorry and make a big stew pot of GO FUCK YOURSELF. i didn't ask for this shit, and i certainly am not going to believe the jenga game that is coming out of your mouth. go make believe with someone else, cause i see right through this little charade, you jackass.


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