Sunday, January 31, 2010

the kill switch

Oh, atlanta, please
Need me, the way
I needed you; let
Your chilly embrace
Open wide. Cause
Atlanta, I'm fallin,
Like most people do,
And I need all your
Strength to survive... move
With me, now, and
Let the good blue skies
Wrap me in this
Shawl of disregard,
For the ones who were lost
Will maybe be found
As the time cracks
Your ground, on this
Virgin divide; don't
Whisper your nothings,
I've been since deaf,
Dumb, and blind, and
I'm tired and old which
I I wear as being wise...
You failed me before, what's
But once more? I forgive
You, as I always do,
Cause my heart needs
That disguise.


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