Thursday, February 4, 2010

when life gives you lemons...

it's time to make a fucking citron and soda.

this may be a difficult time, yes. this may be low and this may be rough around the edges and uncomfortable and bruised.

but this is no more impossible than san francisco. or boston. or cancer or a car accident or a heartbreak.

these pieces can be picked up with patience and glued back together with dexterity. the cracks can be sanded down with jack daniels and set with turning a handle to a new door. it's a new door. it's a new day.

and i will not fucking let these trite little shits get the fucking best of me. listen up, you cinder-block sons of bitches... it will be a cold, dark day in hell before i let you win. before i let you get to me. before i let you decide what my outcome is. you can go fuck yourselves, cause wether you like it or not, i'm going to take over the world and make you clean my bathroom when all is said and done. and you know if i don't like you, i will shit on your floor.

eat me, negativity. cause you don't have a chance to beat me.


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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS. I might try shitting on someone's floor... it seems to be empowering.


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