Thursday, September 30, 2010

crying wolf

"for everything i
gave up, i
was angry and resentful..."
your words, yours,
which hang heavy, a
mouthful of nails, lips
lined in silver
as the rainclouds
passed over your tongue
and into my mind; worried...
no, you
gave me up,
no one twisted your
wrists, and
called me with words
drenched in apathy,
cancerous cysts...
you walked into my
corner store, smiled
at me in the eyes,
and stole my advice.
here's your cake;
he's your cake,
he's your calories,
he's the hands you
let down with a kiss
that day on the couch.
the tears that streaked
your cheeks
a couple tuesdays ago
are slick with confidence,
now, shiny with
this naive hope
that next time, oh, next time,
there will be a
next time.

that was your
next time.


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