Wednesday, January 12, 2011

on to the next one

is there ever a proper time to say "i told you so?"

or does it sound smug in all accounts?

i think everyone has the right to think they are the "chosen one"; that they are the one that will change the world, who's ever it may be... that they can breathe life into a drowning victim or kill off the fear in a schizophrenic.

i have felt that i was that person before. granted, i was incredibly wrong, and found myself at the first rung of the ladder again climbing my way back to the top.

it's important that everyone feels feelings of grandeur. necessary, even. because without that idea that we are great, we could never realize that, well... we really aren't so great.

the problem is, is that even if you want to save someone, it's not up to you. we tend to neglect that. people only change if they want to, and even if the catalyst is you it's not you saving them. it's them saving them. you can walk a person to rehab, to the front door of college, to the bank to deposit money, or to the deli to give them food. and no matter what, the only person that can stop drinking, go to class, save money, or put fuel in their body... is them.

"i told you so" does sound pretty smug, albeit the fact that it's fitting. but i think what's might be more effective is, "you knew what this was."

we all know what things are, deep down. even the things that we think will work out, if we step back and look at them, there's bound to be a red flag somewhere in the mix. point the finger at yourself, make the decision to be more aware, and start climbing the ladder again. the only thing that influences the next climb is the knowledge you take with you from the last one.


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