Sunday, March 27, 2011

getting high

hm, as it seems, i have been a busy, busy bee.

or rather, a busy bunny.

busy bunny booking beautiful gigs that bestow brooklyn and thereafter better burlesque than before.

excessive, a mite bit. i have been so busy, in fact, that i have neglected to pour out my heart online for the last couple of weeks. forgive me, loyal reader, it has been quite a pressing month.

march has kind of been feverish with emotions... from the fight on natalie's birthday to the two gigs that dead bunny has had at crash mansion, and training on the rope as well as dance classes (and a highly unfortunate foot-sprain relapse that took about two weeks to recover, or at least, get not all that painful from). i've been teeming with energy, most of which has been positive and productive.

there have been a couple instances that have been less than desirable, which usually comes back to people i trust that let me down. but what am i to do? i have been one of those people at one point or another as well, so... hi, karma. nice to see you again. what's that? oh, of course, do you prefer earl grey or chamomile?

meh, it doesn't matter. i have done so much stuff this month to push forward that a couple setbacks won't matter. i am harry potter, after all, right?

i have been working on a new apparatus that anya and i call "the loop", which is comprised of a straight rope tied together at the point on the tress. imagine a head of a noose, the bottom of which hangs to about eye level with me. experimenting with point shoes as a fulcrum and learning which way i can lean to allow myself to spin until i invert in the air onto the rope has been amazing... at certain points the world goes away and everything becomes mixed and blurry, like when you melt crayons on a hot pan. it is the first aerial apparatus i have felt comfortable on, and that i feel i can progress on. i have officially fallen in love with an inanimate object, again.

better than something to break my heart, but a little boring in bed ;)

dead bunny is getting on the radar a little, as we have been performing at crash mansion twice this month and are booked again for two more shows in april as well. we are trying to get a residency show at the charleston on bedford in brooklyn, and i would love to do something at galapagos in dumbo. all on the horizon...

and to top everything off, i just did my first stilting gig at kiss n fly in the meatpacking district. despite my biggest fears on stilts (which i was kind of forced to conquer almost immediately) which are stairs and stray collins glasses on the floor, i had a blast, took pictures, and drank champagne with no major injuries. my heels are a little sore, but i think i can handle it.

all in all, the close of march is welcome. time for spring, time to clean, time to get this show on the road. so far 2011 has been a blast, and it's going to stay that way. <3


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