Wednesday, May 25, 2011

getting away

my apartment sucks.

it's small, dirty, unfinished, and hot. we don't even have a living room... we have a mud room that we forced a couch into so we could have somewhere to sit (uncomfortably) to watch our 5 inch t.v. and yeah, we have a backyard, which is great for the cats... but my landlord's mother comes out through the basement and moves things into her shed at 8 am. and talks loudly to whoever is helping her in spanish. and thinks i'm rude when i ask her for the 73rd time to kindly wait until 10 am seeing that natalie and i work late.

so, yeah. my apartment sucks. i didn't want it originally, the guy i moved here with said it would be a great "fixer-upper", and when i broke up with him a month later seemed to not really care about the "fixing". instead, he and i avoided the apartment like the plague and by the time nat moved in four months later the only thing that had changed was that i had swept and mopped.

so our next big thing is moving. i really like the north bedford neighborhood, even though i'm pretty sure it's almost as expensive as living in the city. and i really like the warehouses/loft space further into bushwick but natalie doesn't want to live in an area that is that dangerous. we could go down to the lorimer/havemeyer area, but then we run into problems like running into my ex, who lives and works over that way. i'm trying not to go to bars around me cause they were all his before i moved here and besides, grand street is like a circuit. all the same people go to all the same bars, and they all wear the same thing and talk about the same cool bands they saw at an underground venue in brooklyn that only they know about because the other venues have become too "hipster".

i will credit natalie with this when i say that sometimes we feel like we are trapped in the cover of a bob dylan cd... and btw, happy birthday, mr. dylan. you conceived williamsburg from your own loins, it seems.

i don't care if our new apt is big, or new. i just want it to be welcoming and sunny. i want it to be in a neighborhood that's quiet and has character that doesn't come from people wanting to be uber cool. i want to move, and i have to wait until october. meh.

so much work to do.


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