Friday, July 1, 2011

facebook sucks

i can't stand you.

literally, i look at your pictures and i loathe what you are, what you are doing and not doing, and how witty you believe yourself to be.

and i hate that, cause it's fucking up my whole mantra.

send light, send love, and let it go?

not for you, buddy. the way that you treated me, the way that you lied to me, the way that you casually shook it off like it was NOTHING... well. that's certainly what i was to you, was it not? nothing. straight up, plain language, nothing.

and what's worse, is that i stuck around because i believed in who you were and how much talent you had. i believed what you said to me and the thousand "i love you"'s you shoved down my throat cause you knew you could sleep in my bed longer if that's what you said.

i'm more angry at myself than you, i guess, cause i'm a smart girl with no common sense when it comes to love. i'm a girl that believes pretty words with good punctuation and proper grammar, and you knew enough to keep me around.

ugh. if you spent as much time working on your life as you did posting pictures to your stupid blog, you would have made so much more out of yourself than you are now. but it's not my decision, it's yours, as it always has been. so fuck your girls and download your pictures and pretend like how you treated me was cool.

it's not cool. and neither are you.


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  1. woah...

    Sounds like someone hit a nerve.


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