Friday, July 15, 2011


i'm dually impressed with myself tonight.

first, because i somehow managed to finagle my way out of the rest of my shift tonight. i am currently in bed, about to watch harry potter and the goblet of fire with my cats and some kickass pad soon wen.

secondly, i have spent the day thinking about what i have accomplished in the last couple of months. i come home exhausted every night but it has all been worth it. physically, i am bruised and scratched up, war wounds and marley burns and inverting on silks, scaffolding, and makeshift bars. emotionally, i am radiant... i feel as though i have somehow given the skin of my mind a chemical peel or a deep avacado-black sand exfoliation.

things have been making so much more sense recently... revelations about movement and evisceration of distractions flip flop on the shores of my reason, the beached silver tarpons at low tide. it was confusing at first, but now that i've made it through that tornado of work, i'm hungry to take on some more. my appetite is growing as my waist is shrinking... the blood is boiling through my veins and into the steamy seaport dusk, into the movement in the studio and beyond, beyond, beyond.

i'm reading three books right now, all of which are chipping away at different pieces of my mind, and i feel lighter, more fluid, and calm.

so harry potter, a beer, and solitude for tonight, all in the comfort of my own bed. this really is a well-needed arrangement.


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