Sunday, March 15, 2009

kiss kiss, bang bang

goodbye, and
good riddance to you,
for the thought of
us, together
gets under my skin
and tumbles
my stomach, acrid
with sweet rotting
words i
choked on, so
long before.
you and
your hands,
adumbral eyes
under brooding
lids, laden too
heavy with
undeserved sense of
feet never fast
enough, until
the pavement
gave payment, and
quickened underneath,
what lovely sound
of walking away,
heels echoing
to the moon,
frozen with triumph
in the bitter
eventide air.
the streets, lit
low and soft,
hummed against
each sole passed-
and farther,
and farther,
and gone;
and you, alone
as you ever were,
ever wanted to be,
simply -


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