Sunday, April 12, 2009

mass transit

what a lovely way to meet, if even without words, this melodic movement and energy dripping off fingertips together, riding in public transit, locking eyes and knowing by some force of nature there was a cobblestone path that led to this rendezvous; it's not what's your name? or what do you do? - it's simple and clean, slicing a cake right down the middle, and sliding the knife out at the bottom clean; hearts beating faster like the hammer inside a piano, the notes swirling from the paper out to the blue beyond the sky... a mutual understanding that it's not in the words, it's in the meaning, and allowing this to be the ringleader upon leaving the station; an opportunity was given and chance, taken, and now the rest is left up to the energy betwixt the hearts that make the music on the trains, and what melodies can be created among them...

take the chances as they come.
it's a beautiful easter sunday, and my eye feels like it may explode, but i'm determined to be in love with the blue beyond the sky. and this is what i will think about, because it will be my new piece of choreography for a show in may. any thoughts about the silent kinetics of people you may never meet but who are next to you every day are appreciated.


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