Monday, April 27, 2009

from the past, with love

affordable, this
breeze that blows
across skin and on top
the roads
i used to drive
as a child; back
now, to the place
i've already been
testing out this new
old skin.
the blue, azure
against the cotton
white clouds as time
drops off, lazy and
dripping in content,
i remember these days
where going was gone,
giving way to
empty twilight, warm
and listless, but
and these travels
of mine, seem
so brash and unkind and
kinetic, go, go,
go go go...
but for now, the
breeze that's kissing
my skin, letting
the listless in,
and the going out.

today is a good day.

coming home is never easy for me. coming back to a place where i never felt safe, loved, or comfortable. but these past several times i've returned, well... they've been lovely, and loving. welcoming. as if it took me being gone for this town to understand our differences. i don't know if that would ever last for a long time, if i could possibly stay here and not get itchy with complacency. maybe it's that i've grown, or that i've forgotton, or both. maybe one day i'll move back and love it like i should have when i was old enough to appreciate it but never did.

or maybe, i never will, and find that this feeling can come over me wherever i am, and never let me rest comfortably in one spot. am i destined to travel for the remainder of my years, never to get the nomad out of my system? it's a scary thought, because if that is indeed the truth, who will ever want to be by my side?

things to think about on a breezy spring florida day.


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