Friday, June 12, 2009

wow... she lives

it's been one month and some odd days since i've been able to use my computer. even now, i am using my roommate's, because i can't connect to the internet with my now fresh-faced hard drive (i lost everything, all my music and photos and EVeryThingggg). i have watched my brother get married, come back to reality and was fortunate enough to have my best friend visit me (and drink for about five days straight), and work enough to kill a mule.
i am tired, broke, and alone again. i don't so much mind the alone part, but i'd like some money in compensation. why doesn't the government just give the single ladies a stipend? just to make us not have to work 100 hours a week.
oh, my fantastical mind. how lovely these things would be. they would at least afford me the time to go back to ballet class.

until the next time i can connect to the internet...


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