Sunday, August 2, 2009

aww, look how cute you are with your big grown up words

ahem. this is dedicated to the women who need reassurance that ex-girlfriends are crazy. it's verbatum , cut and copied.

"who are you to talk about fucking someones boyfriend behind their back??? r u kidding me? ive seen first hand how you like to break apart relationships. you suck not only b/c you bash others for doing exactly what you yourself have been guilty of... you also tell yourself that your a better person for fitting into a size 2. i guess if it helps you sleep at night... fyi i fit in a size 2 also...but i didnt have to expel my dinner to do so. have fun with your unicorns you fucking freak!"

this is the best thing ever... to affect and be affected. i think it's worth a little abuse to get so far under someone's thick, dull skin that they feel it's worth them projecting everything bad they did onto another, just so they can build some sort of transparent decency around their bad decisions.

to all the psycho exes of the world...

for your information, if i stole him from you, then he lied about it to me. but i commend him on his second (less psychotic) choice. second of all, i left you alone. you have constantly tried to befriend me, and for what? so you can anger me with your lack of grammar and punctuation skills and your overbearing use of cliches (case in point: on the tip of my tounge? what the fuck is a tounge and why did you decide to use it so many times in your futile attempt at poetry?)? and lastly, i'm sure the literary term of sarcasm is way over your head, but the size two comment was a joke, sweetheart. i wouldn't have posted anything about it if i hadn't had several mutual acquaintences bring it to my attention and you tried to, once again, be my friend.

i don't give a shit what the fuck you look like, who the fuck you want the world to know you are, and how the fuck you think i live my life. it would be nice if you would do the same for me.

and i never tell myself i'm a good person, dumbass. haven't you ever read my emo bullshit poetry? i'm all about the realization of how i have ruined others. hypocrasy is inherent in human nature; you and i both fall victim to that, my dear. perfection is boring anyway. so as you aspire towards that, i'll chill back here with the sinners. pass the fucking jameson, please.

as far as the unicorn comment... i suggest you back the fuck up on that one. unicorns rule, and you evidently don't understand metaphors. it's funnier to me that you STILL read my shit current enough to know my latest bad blogs. it's adorable, really. now can we both agree to shut the fuck up please? i'm getting tired of you being around so much, especially since i DON'T GIVE A FLYING FUCK ABOUT YOUR LIFE.

do me the same favor and lets get on with our different paths.

by the way, how's the acting working out for you? any big shows there in atlanta? yeah, that's what i thought.


ps: you think i'm so horrible? what about the poem i wrote when i found out your grandfather died? it's called a windy twilight, in my archives, and you should be ashamed of yourself for making yourself believe i'm a soulless bitch just cause you don't have a grip on your jealousy. en-fucking-joy.


  1. unicorns are fucking gay. lets just get that straight.

  2. the unicorn thing was funny. I liked it.

  3. and gay is the new black, mike farley.
    nothing to "get straight" whatsoever!

  4. Aren't we a little OLD for this? Who is this crazy bitch that wrote this, Kathryne?

  5. old schmold. it gives me a good laugh and i bet it did you too. anyone who takes this shit seriously, ahem, needs to dislodge the proverbial stick from their life's ass. you know you laughed a little. cause it's fucking funny.

  6. I'm not who you think I am, that's what makes this whole situation great. If you're going to comment on verbage or word usage, at least learn 5th grade spelling first. Verbatum? Really?

    Other girl 1


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