Sunday, August 2, 2009

the service industry

"ok. sorry i'm being a dick. but obviously, being nice hasn't worked out."

i can honestly say that after all the hard-earned lessons i have put myself through, the only one to blame for having to read this statement via text message today is...


i have been serving tables longer than i have submersed myself in bad relationships, but i can't tell wich one makes me hate people more. i have constant faith that both parties will do me right in the end. the people i wait on, i expect 20% gratuity. 20%. i have been clued in over the progression of allowing people to take advantage of me that this number doesn't even exist. twenty percent as a grade on an essay test in college would lead to failure. having twenty percent of your working limbs means you're probably a paraplegic. paying twenty percent of your bills will lead to eviction.

this number doesn't work out in real life. but i hope for that as the maxium gratuity at the restaurants and bars i work at, and translate it as a good thing when a man has treated me with twenty percent respect in the past.

that is ridiculous, as is the fact that after all of these failed relationships i have seen through to the end, somehow i am still blamed for the fact that the other person was careless with their tip share. tip me badly on a check and i will remember your face the next time you come in to eat. i remember your face, and i don't appreciate the disrespect.

your allergies will soon be absolved.


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