Saturday, August 22, 2009

lasso the ranch

This breeze, this
Fall drenched warmth
And lazy sky, gives
Way to better days;
To relief of wear, and
From bruised egos and
Marrow stung in bones;
Soaked thoughts dry
Lazily, clipped on
Slacked clothlines in
My mind,
dancing slight in the wind,
Swaying to the rustle
Of leaves againts leaves;
And me, content
Stretched out in the shade,
Watching lucid flights
Of insects and shadows
On pavement,
In the moment-
Learning, again, to
Let go
With grace.
It is, what
It is, what
It is...
A day to trump
All days, content
In breeze and heart.

What a well deserved couple hours of nothingness this has been, lounging on my front porch, drinking a diet coke and laughing at the comedy of errors we have so cordially labeled as 'life'. this constant back and forth of these tides make lazy days like this welcome, and cherished.

It is a push and pull, an adaptation, and revelation, all of this is; zen as it may be to have to acknowledge bad to appreciate good. It is so important that the heart be tested. Otherwise, we would never know the resilience and recovery of it.

"When life demands more of people than they demand of life-as is ordinarily the case- what results is a resentment of life that is almost as deep-seated as the fear of death. Indeed, the resentment of life and fear of death are virtually synonymous. Doest it follow, then, that the more people ask of living, the less their fear of dying?"

-tom robbins, even cowgirls get the blues

in honor of lazy days and content in silence, I think we should all demand the most out of life to squeltch the fear of death. And for me, today, it's letting myself bask in the wonderful world of being air-dried on a clothesline, dancing in the wind.


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