Wednesday, December 30, 2009

the klutz

saw a ghost
of you today,
someone small and sweet,
and without doubt
you should know
i tripped
on two left feet.

the more i try and keep my thoughts at bay, the choppier the waters get. why does my mind do this to me? months will go by and i will still reel inside. something got to me, in that space between my synapses. something is haunting me, the way i wish my shadows would be on his black-patterned walls. there is nothing more i can do, because everything has been done, and said, and slung...

i'm starting this thing from the ground up, again. i have some more searching to do, as it seems the restlessness inside is rearing up again. my heart hurts and my organs shift and my brain spins every day, all while a head so full of smile bobbles around on wobbly bones and makes pretend like pretty little christmas cookies in the dimples of my cheeks.

you will never know what you lost. but then again, i'm getting the feeling that you didn't want to anyway.


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