Thursday, December 17, 2009

let it flow, let it flow, let it flow


We didn't think anything about the effect, just the cause, and now I'm lodged in between what's good and what's right; but who knows what's right, anyway... did someone hold out on the rule book so that everyone else would look bad, so that they could look better than all the rest- what a dick, it's not fair- whatever, rules were never for me anyway and I know that... I don't ever want to look back and say that I did what was in accordance with fcc regulations; a censored life could be nothing I could ever attempt, seeing as I have hard enough time putting the muzzle on in social situations and family gatherings- btw I'm never telling THAT joke again at the next familial function- but I digress, again... the cause and effect (or affect, however you want to see it), it truly was never deciphered; words can murder like knives or a syringe full of air, or maybe even a sexual esphixiation gone two seconds too long too wrong... be careful what you say just the same as what you wish for... both can murder the mind and eat away at the psyche; as long as you have a haven, you can get away... but in saying that, I didn't have a safe spot for the last couple months, until about a week ago, until that cobalt blue washed over me, walked through the swinging doors, and pushed everything else away; all this negative, all this bad that has been eating my psyche as a snack over the last two months- by the way, it said I was so delicious it came back for seconds, and thirds, and fourths... I guess I can be like a good book to some, but to others as difficult as trying to finish even cowgirls get the blues by tom robbins (dig, dig); tom robbins is difficult to get through but so rewarding and life changing in the end and if I'm anything like his lyrical prose then I have come a long way, for those who can't finish it, I guess it's their loss on life, right?

Right. The horizon is starting to look a lot clearer, drenched in this blue. My run on is done. My restoration and replacation (not replication; as in, replace... that's right, I verbed it, fuck off) has already begun. The choreography is being created everyday and soon, people will know how run-ons can be great for an ailing mind.

Here's to a good day, and many more to come.


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