Wednesday, May 5, 2010

ok go(odbye)

"You know you can't keep lettin' it get you down
And you can't keep draggin' that dead weight around.
If there ain't all that much to lug around,
Better run like hell when you hit the ground."

alright, already,
the horse is beaten to
a bloody pulp, it's
organs are strewn
across the floor like mulch
and thanks for saying, even
though i knew, it's time,
it's time to forget
about you and
your simple smile, your
inked on skin, your eyes
i wanted to go swimming in,
your art, your hands, your
curt-ish voice,
a vice, the ropes so
hard to fray, now just
leave, just go away, and
let me be, let me start
again, cause again
is what i look better in.
okay, goodbye, we've
had enough, you're gone,
i'm done, no
need to try
ok go, feet out
the door.



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  2. Great writing, again. xoxo


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