Monday, May 10, 2010

sunday to monday

i want more of this, the days that are going by sandwiched in sheets and breeze, slivers of sunlight on my skin in the birth of this spring two-thousand-ten; i haven't been this light for weeks...
it occurred to me yesterday, what kind of thanks are in order. i feel like something has broken inside me, in a really beautiful, really clean way inside me. not like when you break a bone or lacerate the skin, the painful moment when you realize someone doesn't love you the way you love them...
i felt as if there has been a crack in the wall, and a streaks of light are pouring through from the other side; golden and gilded and greedy to fight their way to open air.
i feel new.
i feel good.
i feel safe.

thank you, for doing that for me. i really like it.


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