Thursday, February 24, 2011

here's what i say to your stupid travel-guide pamphlets.

the moons must be out of order in venus or something. i don't know much of anything astrological other than i am a saggitarius, and that i'm also the new sign, which i'm pretty sure is pronounced oh-FUCK-us... but there's something going on in the water i'm drinking, or the moons that hang over my head on clear nights, or the dreams that somehow haunt my subconscious when all i want to do is sleep...

like, what the fuck, universe?

it's bad enough that there is a paper trail that follows me around on a DAILY basis reminding me of how i wasn't good enough, or that my other friends' relationships are chipping off like a bad paint job on stucco. but you really have to just go and push buttons, universe, that were left to rust with dying words.

sometimes things are too coincidental to be coincidence, and when it happens enough, it's just not as funny as it was the first couple times around. 2011 is a year of power for me, i know this. 2010 can go fuck itself with a splintered toilet plunger. but 2011, no, it's going to be a reversal of everything that karma threw back in my face last year.

cause honestly, i just don't care anymore. i had to stop caring about these things before they consumed me. yeah, so what... a couple "friends" dicked me over. who gives a shit? it'll happen to them. they'll get that paycheck in the mail one day. and so what... a couple boys turned back before the finish line. i'd love to shake the hands of the girls that get stuck with those hurricanes of crazy.

no, i'm good where i am. i am giving love and respect to those that want it, those who deserve it, and who appreciate it in their lives. i don't feel like i'm wasting time because i'm exploring and reading and learning and loving all of it. i'm so far down the road that those potholes look more and more like pebbles in the asphalt behind me.

no more weird moon play and off-kilter water for me. i'll open the bottle of wine myself and watch a movie from now on instead.


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