Friday, February 11, 2011

it's in the passed

maybe guilt has gotten you nowhere, maybe you need something stronger. maybe you don't believe in people walking away, because swinging at the end of a rope for awhile is fun, according to you. maybe you thought you could change the world by opening your legs, and when you found out it wasn't so, you had already committed so you couldn't say anything. maybe no one has ever told you there are more people besides you in the world. maybe you decided you didn't like the color white so instead of never wearing it, you murdered it and hid the body. maybe you like the power, cause all it does is attract attention. maybe you weighed out your options and came to the conclusion you weighed more. maybe there was nothing there to begin with except a hole and when you found the ladder you kept it for yourself to climb. maybe the silence was beautiful so you kept that, too.

maybe there were things i never knew. but it's because it started with guilt, and then just ended.

maybe i need a vacation.


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