Sunday, December 11, 2011

a carrot for the horse

that was my problem.

i saw potential.

one day... you're so much more... it will come...

hm. that's the issue with potential. it's not a real thing. it's like an "i'm sorry"... until something is proven it remains that single statement. potential means nothing the same way that saying "i'm sorry" over and over remains redundant.

you are what you are until you decide not to be it. so seeing "potential" is about as valuable as seeing a hundred dollar bill on the other side of bulletproof glass. the goal is so close you can almost touch it, see the little red grains floating on that minted green paper... but you are still a broke sap wishing you had that bill in your pocket instead of dangling in front of your face.

oh, well. i guess that's how we learn what we don't want, isn't it now. recognizing the difference betwixt potential and drive. ones a pipe dream, the other, a highway.


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