Thursday, December 22, 2011


the new year is once again upon me.

they are going by faster and faster, things don't ever seem to stop moving around me, i myself have seen how much i have moved over the course of the last ten years...

and i still want more. i see all of these beautiful things in the future... i see a new career focus and a new lease on life and love... i see my metabolism slowing down and my crows feet gaining momentum against the corners of my eyes.

i have seen love come and go, i have witnessed an entire career slide out from underneath my feet and replace itself all taped up back in my palms, i have experienced friends and the loss of friendship in the same...

another fucking year. still smiling, still standing, still swollen with hope. 2011 got me out of the rut of 2010. 2012 will be what catapults me into a whole new world.

merry christmas to you and yours, who, or what, ever they might be.


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