Monday, December 5, 2011

without a 5 year difference

congrats... she's really a beaut. let's hope the tragic downfall of your character will not supersede your ability to keep her for longer than a month.

i could say i'm bitter about what happened betwixt us, i could also remark on how i feel like it's all your fault and you never did enough and you cheated on me and lied to me and made me feel like i was the ugliest girl in the room cause how could you ever treat me that way when i had so many other offers i turned down on a daily basis and i could express that you never worked hard enough to get a job or keep one or buy me anything that was over the 5$ value meal price at wendy's...

but i was a drunk, and you were a kid, and now you found a pretty girl who's not one of my friends or ex-students to love and really, i'm happy you have. i hope you will take your mistakes and mine and run with that knowledge, so that you can have a relationship with someone that's not totally destructive and temporary. we were never meant to be, nor were you with the girls that you chose before, and i could tell always that there was something under the surface you held for this girl, so... go.


just don't fuck it up.


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  1. I will fuck it up. I was never meant for anything more than a pretty face... But that's betwixt you and me.


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