Saturday, April 2, 2011


she didn't fade, she's
inked on my skin,
like you wrote to me
that time, even
though you didn't
care enough to stick around.
no, lucy is STiLL
here and lucy is STiLL
angry, and mad
for life, the
way she was once
mad for you...
i wonder if LuCY
pops up in everyday
the way
you do, and don't;
so i am still LuCY
but i think you may be too -

fuck you, LuCY for leaving me.
fuck you, LuCY for not needing me.
i wanna say FuCK YOu
because i still LOVE YOu
no i'm not okay
and i don't know what to do

life would be easier
if i could just
wipe the slate



  1. Its the marks left on the slate that show you where you have been and where you are heading. Would you really want it to be spotless?

    Sounds a little boring if you ask me, which you have not done.

  2. okay, anonymous. but how can i ask you if i don't know who you are? you keep posting like you know me but i'm pretty sure i don't know anyone named anonymous. well, i did have a cousin once named anonymous, but he died in a freak unicycle accident involving a squirrel and an arby's. we still can't find his gravestone.


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