Friday, April 29, 2011

wide open spaces

and then, she floated.

water sloshing across the top of the board, being pushed around by the waves. spun sideways from the current, southwest, i think it was.

staring up at the sky, up to this warm blue nothing.

there was nothing above me but endlessness, hm dare i say... possibility?

no, i won't. because it's cliche and stupid. nonetheless, it was pretty fucking beautiful out.

i work, tomorrow and sunday, but in between i'm going to try to be as weightless as possible. to try and let go of the string. to achieve, well... nothing.

i'm out of my city for the next couple of days, to return to several new old things. and i'm excited for what each day will bring. sparks have re-ignited somewhere in my gut. it tickles ;)



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