Friday, March 21, 2008

atlanta is young

(original post: december 13, 2007)

depressing things, like
that song that all the leaves
are fading (or something like that),
and thinking last night
driving into stacks of tinted windows
and glittery bulbs
adorning their atmosphere,
draping the city in stars,
how atlanta
really isn't that "old"...
in city terms,
that is...
not like manhattan,
with it's fancy crown moldings
and personal drivers...
or los angeles,
glamour dripping
from the weathered and cracked
hollywood sign...
retirees vying
for a stab
at it's beauty,
bronzing the beaches
in visors and socks...

atlanta is young
and growing,
forming it's character
from dogwood trees
and city lights the same.

the lights buzzed past,
scortching the sky,
drifted behind
at 45 miles per hour,
atlanta is young
and so am i
full up,
with naivete.

i like it this way, though.


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