Friday, March 21, 2008

something borrowed, something blue

(original post: october 12, 2007)

i see this sad
in your eyes, flecks
of grey and tired...
you still smell as sweet,
your spiced skin
a hard candy shell...
you, elusive you,
make me hard
of breath, of
and i can't help
but collapse
under your steel hand
and saccharine silence...
borrow this blanket
of mine, soft
and safe;
i will make you
from yourself,
forget the scent
of different pastures...
the taste of iron,
of blood,
of whatever love
may be,
in me,
owning me...
unlocking this tragedy
skin to skin, absolving
but absence and
regret for time
not so wisely spent...
is it nothing
until something is made
of it?


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