Friday, March 21, 2008

truth be told

(original post: october 19, 2007)

mirror, mirror,
take my fall,
sheild my eyes
from inside
obsessed with limbs
and lines
and bones, jut
from angles
all unnatural,
i wish
i wish
i wish
for blindness
to overcome what
i can't be;
and hope for
now, forever more
release detest
of how i see
my arms, my
legs, my collarbones
hanging loose but
framed in stone,
hope for now,
forever more
that blind
will simply
let me be.


i know it rhymes. but it works for today. the mirror is my foe, my greatest enemy, one that i have fought so long it weakens me. my image is brutally honest, dancing before me every morning, taunting me turn after turn. it's funny that sometimes, most times perhaps, ourselves are the one greatest enemy we will ever have; as there is no dishonesty when we look ourselves in the eye. it is what it is, and you can't ever change it, without the help of knives and money and self-deciet.

denial only makes us liars. acceptance is the truest form of honesty.

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