Friday, March 21, 2008

going home tonight...

(original post: october 6, 2007)

i want
underlit trees,
glowing in the dusk's
dim light...
this quiet block
with dark windows
and outlines of
potted plants,
this moment of suspension
in time...
gliding past
i create my kitchen,
brick and steel;
and my bathroom,
deep blue and auqua tilings
as far
as the eye
can see;
my bedroom,
the wind from the open
white french doors
singing softly
to the drawn back sheets...
i have a
and a family
and two cats and a dog,
and its
safe, here,
under the shadows
dreaming of twilight stars,
until the stop sign
pulls me back
to the smoky leather
of my car,
making a left
to go back
to my box, alone,
and write this poem,
of what will
one day,


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