Friday, March 21, 2008

frigid thoughts on a hot chocolate day

(original post: december 5, 2007)

thinking about it
is as fruitless
as a barren apple tree,
gets me
nowhere and in circles
i can't be
a perfect this, no,
not even a
good this,
instead regurgitating
and formulating
what's already been done.
the days are so short
and vacant,
and i'd rather
forget under the covers
than purge
what i can't be.
what a slippery shadow
the sun offers, slight
in it's own warmth
and golden
with lies. who's
promise was this
to begin with
i've managed okay
until this point,
but barren with
my mind is anorexic
once again,
refusing to gain
the weight of success.
stupid mind.
you never let me


sometimes, i know he's right. everything is bad all the time. winter stays with us through thick and thin.

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