Friday, March 21, 2008

it's been said before

(original post: september 24, 2007)

what's in those words...

that makes one so warm, or so angry, or jealous... there has to be something inside those three small words that propels someone to want to hear them more. and what does it mean if you used to hear them but now... now they are maybe a figment of your imagination.

do they mean anything at all? i guess nothing we say means anything at all, especially if you're too weak to back any of that up. i could say, 'i am king," and tomorrow i would still wake up a bastard daughter of a peasant.

words are such a juxtaposition of themselves... how can something mean nothing and everything all at once? you can have actions without words and then the word becomes arbitrary anyway, so i guess the phrase has nothing to do with the meaning. it's a cop out... a cover up.

you can walk away from those three insignificant words and let them wash over their reciever, let your meaning become theirs without so much an explanation... they soften stone hearts or ignite some sort of flame inside, written to somebody else they can drop the stomach at one swift blow.

it's all moot. i'm sick of words. they've shown less and less evidence of proof over the years. i see nothing inside them but beautiful ways to lie, to ensure a fuck at the end of the day. they are the puppet master, the dead scroll, the oz of emotions.

things are never what they seem. those three words will never be honest to me, ever again. they've fucked with me too much.

and for those of you who are reading my beautiful lies right now, in case you're wondering, the phrase is not " i love you."

how cliche.


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